Celia 248 Straight Jeans - Dark used

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Classic jeans for those who don't like it to be super tight. The Celia 248 accentuates the feminine shapes through the high waist. The jeans has a straight fit where the legs run straight down from the knee. The waistband falls on average to just a little below the belly button. This variant has a dark wash.
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Recycled Cotton (PCR)

The yarns in this fabric contain recycled cotton. By using post-consumer recycled cotton instead of virgin cotton, this item has less impact. Reusing materials contributes to a circular economy.

Sustainable wash

Sustainable wash is our collective name for more sustainable washing. The company Jeanologia has developed an innovative technology called EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring Software). EIM brings efficient and sustainable technologies that guarantee savings of large amounts of water, energy, chemicals and impact on workers by eliminating the most harmful and labour-intensive garment finishing processes. The lower the score, the less impact. The denim industry is a highly polluting and water-intensive process. With every collection, we try to do better by reducing our impact.